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Fully automated acid hydrolysis according to Weibull-Stoldt


HYDROTHERM is the world’s first and only automatic acid hydrolysis system for fat determination according to Weibull-Stoldt. The complete digestion and filtration process runs in a closed system. The unit can therefore be operated outside a fume cupboard. Laboratory personnel do not come into contact with hot liquids and acid fumes. Six samples can be digested simultaneously.

There are three independently controllable modules, each with two hydrolysis units, available for this. The apparatus operates independently and completely automatically. It has been efficiently tested in continuous operation (36 samples per day). HYDROTHERM meters the hydrochloric acid into the sample beaker, hydrolyses the sample in boiling hydrochloric acid and performs the complex filtration with all rinse operations completely automatically – for as long until all fat contents are transferred and the filter has been washed to pH-neutral.
Sensors permanently monitor the process and abort it in the event of faults.